Emirates Expands Collaboration with Air Canada to Include Montréal Flights

Emirates has recently revealed the extension of its codeshare alliance with Air Canada, now encompassing flights to and from Montréal. This move follows the commencement of services to Québec’s largest city in July. The enhanced partnership will empower Emirates patrons to strategically plan their journeys, bridging the gap between 11 prominent domestic locations beyond Montréal and a plethora of destinations on Emirates’ extensive global network. All of this can be conveniently coordinated through a single, integrated ticket, making travel seamless and efficient.

The augmented Canadian network under the codeshare agreement between Emirates and Air Canada is now stretched across 11 destinations via Montréal, coupled with a supplementary array of 69 points that can be accessed through this gateway on an interline basis.

Travelers can secure their tickets through emirates.com and their favored travel agencies.

This collaborative effort between Emirates and Air Canada opens doors for passengers to relish enhanced flexibility and choices, with streamlined connections via Canada’s two major cities to key locations such as Halifax, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Calgary. This serves as an ideal arrangement for both leisure and business voyagers, as well as those who are reuniting with family and friends. Notably, travelers originating from Toronto can embark on journeys to 19 points, reaping the benefits of codeshare arrangements. Moreover, an additional 100 destinations become attainable through an interline setup.

For Canadian urbanites embarking on adventures, the avenues to connect with Emirates’ services in either Montréal or Toronto are effortlessly accessible. These serve as pivotal junctures to embark on thrilling escapades across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, facilitated by the airline’s central hub in Dubai.

Emirates operates daily flights from Toronto to Dubai aboard its renowned flagship A380 aircraft, ensuring a seamless journey. The world’s largest international airline also orchestrates seven weekly flights between Montréal and Dubai, utilizing the Boeing 777, another widebody aircraft from its fleet. This configuration offers passengers the opportunity to meticulously plan their travel itineraries to global hotspots while enjoying uninterrupted connectivity.

Travelers holding itineraries involving Emirates’ flights can craft their entire excursion around a singular ticket, thus capitalizing on the airline’s baggage privileges. Moreover, the convenience of having baggage checked through to the final destination enhances the travel experience.*

Furthermore, participants in Emirates’ frequent flyer initiative, Emirates Skywards, can anticipate the accruing and redemption of miles for flights operated by both airlines, all thanks to this pioneering partnership.

Baggage check-through applies to departures from Canada. International travelers bound for Canadian destinations must have their baggage processed by Canadian Customs at the initial point of entry (either Toronto or Montréal).


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