Well, this might just transform into quite an expensive rose-related incident. A woman renowned for her extensive travels and frequent Instagram updates detailing her escapades has found herself embroiled in an unforeseen journey.

The individual, who goes by the Instagram handle @skywardsfreak, was en route from Doha, Qatar to Perth, Australia. During her time at the Qatar airport lounge, she was handed a rose.

Curiously, she was dressed as Barbie, although that detail isn’t particularly relevant. However, a hitch arose: she failed to formally declare the rose to Australian customs officials. As we know, some authorities can be excessively meticulous, pun intended, when it comes to importing produce, vegetables, or plants from foreign lands. Consequently, she was accompanied by officials to an immigration security facility.

As a consequence, she was slapped with a fine of around $1,200 in U.S. dollars. This monetary penalty must be settled prior to her departure from the country.

Certain quarters suspect that she might have been singled out due to her intention to preserve the rose in her luggage as a keepsake in the future. Furthermore, there appears to be no history of negative commentary about either Qatar or Australia on her part, nor has she posted anything unfavorable previously.

She cooperated fully with the immigration authorities, undergoing detainment, the rationale for which remains murky. Officials assured her that her attire wasn’t the cause of her detention. Only later was she informed that her immigration card hadn’t been duly completed and the flower hadn’t been declared.

Additionally, she had erroneously indicated “no” when asked on the form whether she was bringing any plants into Australia. No other dubious items were discovered within her baggage.

The predicament didn’t stem from the rose itself, as she was permitted to retain it. The crux of the matter seems to revolve around the form and its proper completion. The woman proceeded to officially contest the fine.

The age-old saying still rings true: a rose is a rose is a rose. Except when it sets you back $1,200.


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